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NZ-RT number: NZ-RT2

  • Team Name: Nelson-Tasman Emergency Response Team
  • Owning authority: Nelson-Tasman CDEM Group
  • CDEM Group: Nelson-Tasman
  • Number of people in the team: 20
  • Main roles: USAR, Rope, Medical,  Flood, EOC, Welfare
  • Contact method for call out: 111
  • Training frequency and night: weekly, Wednesday night 1900-2100hrs

RT2The team was set up in 2002 by Jim Burrows and Matthew Dodd to enable the Nelson-Tasman CDEMG to better fulfil its requirements under the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002 by providing a rescue and field operations capability.

USAR Response team 2 (NZ-RT2) was set up as a multi-agency team comprising of personnel from New Zealand Fire Service, New Zealand Rural Fire Authority, New Zealand Land SAR and Cave SAR teams, as well as practitioners from the emergency medical field, including paramedics an emergency doctor and nurses. The teams membership is still diverse, with many people also serving in St Johns, the Fire Service and Rural Fire. This broad knowledge base and existing interagency networks enable the team to provide high quality training to its members and interact effectively with other response organisations.

The team trains weekly on a Wednesday evening as well as one weekend a month. It has exercised with a number of other response organisations, including the Fire Service, NZ-RT1 and other USAR Response Teams on numerous occasions.

NZ-RT2 has also been called in to assist Tasman Search and Rescue with LANDSAR operations. As a result of the team’s work alongside Tasman Search and Rescue volunteers and Police a strong relationship has been formed, based on the timely, consistent and effective service that has been provided.

RT2-2pt In addition to formal team deployments, some NZ-RT2 personnel are also members Landsar.